Inquest Resources can support your litigation efforts by assisting with complex electronic discovery matters, database management support, or simply implementing legal practice software solutions to streamline your workflow. In consultation with attorneys and paralegals, we can interpret your specific demands and advise you on how technology can best be applied in a case, a courtroom, and your practice. 

We can help you coordinate electronic discovery from early case assessment through production. Inquest Resources can work directly with outside legal vendors to ensure that all facets of document collection, from complex multi-server imaging projects to the simple gathering of a laptop, PDA or even a single mailbox, is handled correctly pursuant to your guidelines. We can help prepare you for Rule 26(f) and 30(b)(6) conferences and assist you in molding your arguments before the court in motions dealing with complex e-discovery cases.

Electronic Discovery

E-Discovery poses new challenges and opportunities for attorneys, paralegals, their clients, technical advisors, and the courts, as electronic information is collected, reviewed and produced. 

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure specifically address discovery of electronic data and establish procedures for obtaining discovery of electronically stored information, in addition to documents and tangible things in the possession of any other party to the action. 

Examples of ESI include: computers, cell phones, emails, word, excel and adobe files, networks, servers, accounting databases, websites, third-party and off-site systems and network back-up tapes, and any other electronically stored information which could be relevant evidence in a law suit. 

How can lawyers ensure compliance with Preservation, Collection, Coding, Review and Production?  Inquest Resources can assist you every step of the way. Contact us today for more information. Inquest Resources can provide basic on-site training to attorneys on: 

  • Access Data Summation®

  • LexisNexis® CaseMap®

  • iConect®

Database Management Support
Our IT Litigation Specialist can assist you in managing your legal databases. Inquest Resources can provide you, your paralegal and other practice support team members with the following services: 

  • Document reviews and productions
  • Assist with electronic discovery from collecting the data in native file format from the client to processing that data for production to opposing counsel
  • Management of document databases including document coding
  • Design/construction of databases for a suite of litigation/practice system tools
  • Managing, processing, and loading data and images into Summation databases
  • Manipulating and formatting raw data into specified formats
  • Logging, documenting, diagnosing, and reporting on failed processes
  • Analyzing data to identify compatibility with systems
  • Performing data imports/exports of text loads and metadata loading
  • Database merging
  • End user support
  • Provides backup recovery and makes recommendations regarding enhancements and/or improvements
  • Maintains security and integrity controls
  • Monitors transaction activity and utilization
  • Resource planning
  • Database upgrade planning
  • Back-up and recovery strategy planning and implementation