INQUEST RESOURCES provides litigation support services to law firms and solo practitioners. Our litigation support team understands the case management demands and processes legal professionals require during litigation. We provide valuable research, analysis, and information management assistance to help you prevail over tight deadlines and unanticipated obstacles.

INQUEST RESOURCES litigation support services can help you save time and allow you to focus on core operations by providing you with project management, consulting and/or implementation of the following:

  • Discovery management
  • Document review and analysis
  • Electronic document organization/production, including indexing of documents and maintaining files
  • Organization of traditional document productions including bates labeling
  • Public records research including dockets, bankruptcy dockets, secretary of state records, etc.
  • Conduct factual research: gather relevant information from various resources (i.e. internet, libraries, etc.)
  • Prepare whitepapers for understanding key events and persons of knowledge based upon document review and analysis
  • Interact with clients and outside entities, such as government agencies, expert witnesses, corporations, and other law firms to gather information or data
  • Prepare for depositions, including compiling documents relevant to the deponent, including compiling exhibits
  • Compile and organize exhibits for hearings and trial
  • Assist in drafting and filing pleadings

With corporations and legal firms increasingly using Electronic Discovery for the growing demands of case management, it is even more important to find a litigation support provider with the skills and knowledge to assist you in bridging the gap between e-Discovery and traditional document productions.