INQUEST RESOURCES can provide you with a variety of practice support services to help you accomplish your daily administrative tasks. We can be your complete administrative team, from front office to back office. We can assist you in setting up policies and procedures and coordinate with vendors. You can have us set up your office with electronic document management so you can coordinate and retrieve documents/files. 

Administrative / Secretarial Services


  • Assist in preparing various reports utilizing Excel, Access, and Word
  • Copy records when needed
  • Disseminate information to various parties
  • Prepare informational packages for meetings, lectures, training sessions, etc.
  • Assist as a Case Assistant/Document Clerk
  • Proofread, edit and format documents
  • Perform data entry

Office Organization & Management

Law firms continually preserve, protect and/or produce case-related records. INQUEST RESOURCES can help you reduce risk, contain costs, improve business performance and enhance client service in this area. INQUEST RESOURCES can help identify inefficient processes in firm filing procedures and provide solutions for improvement. 

Our services include the development, implementation and management of records policies, retention schedules and procedures. We also provide consulting services, file room management and training. We can help streamline access to your legal documents and case files, reduce valuable physical space devoted to paper-based records, and help ensure the timely disposal of documents according to an established records retention policy and schedule. Our records management services not only can help you improve document workflows and reduce costs, they can also help better maintain and support effective governance of one of your most valuable business assets: information. 

Document Retrieval

When you find yourself needing to file or obtain pleadings or other documents from a governmental entity or courthouse, rely upon INQUEST RESOURCES to complete the job. We cover the necessary fees in advance to obtain the information needed and bill you once the information is turned over to you, helping make the transaction easy and painless for you, your firm, and your client. We can research and obtain records in Travis, Williamson and Hays County.