“Pat and Brian are such a joy to work with! Not only are they extremely bright, thorough, hard-working and motivated, but they are also always pleasant to interact with. Inquest Resources has been working with our firm for years and they never cease to amaze me. The entire staff is diligent and insightful and full of great ideas.”
— Karen Cannon Shanks, Hotze Runkle, PLLC
“Thank you for all your assistance. It was top notch and I recommend your company every time I mention virtual paralegals.”
— Jack W. Cunningham, Jack W. Cunningham, P.C.
“I highly recommend Inquest Resources. I used them as a solo practitioner needing a paralegal, and I could always count on them to get things done. If they say they are going to do something, they do it, and they do it well. Their reliability gave me great peace of mind. They also did a great job with emergency filings and unforeseen tasks, accommodating the inevitable twists and turns that come with litigation. If you need someone you can count on, use Inquest. These are people who come from prestigious firms and are used to practicing at a very high level, and it shows in their work.”
— Diana Reinhart, Law Office of Diana Reinhart, PLLC Austin, Texas
“I do not hesitate one second in my recommendation of Ashley McElhinney. I have worked with Ashley over the past 12 years at Scott Douglass & McConnico LLP. WHen a new case came in, she was my first paralegal choice. She is easy to work with and organized. She is always willing to learn more. She keeps up (or ahead) of her work. She is responsive. She is proactive. She is a good multi-tasker. If something is not right, she takes care of it. She does not make excuses. But most importantly, she is a responsible, good person with a good attitude about work and life in general. We know she will continue to do great work for those fortunate enough to work with her.”
— Ryan S. Squires, Scott Douglass & McConnico LLP, Austin, Texas

“We have really enjoyed working with Pat, Brian and Roman. They have done an outstanding job for us, especially in organizing large files with lots of documents. They have been very professional and easy to work with during our work together.”
— Terry Scarborough – Founding Partner Hance Scarborough, LLP Austin, Texas
“I worked with Pat, Brian, and Roman for over a year. They are a great team. Pat is amazing at pre-trial/pre-deposition organization and preparation. At the beginning of our relationship she came in with short notice and had us fully prepared to take depositions, with over 200 exhibits, in less than a week’s time. Brian is a genius when it comes to technology and seemed to always have a solution when our IT guy couldn’t figure it out or get to us in time. Roman was very dependable and competent. While his role was officially “Litigation Assistant,” he was not afraid to take on new tasks and always had a great attitude under pressure. All three had a very pleasant demeanor. Most recently, Pat and Brian assisted me on completing/finalizing an appellate brief. With little help or direction from me, Pat and Brian turned my rough draft into a beautiful complete brief, hyperlinked and all. I highly recommend Inquest Resources when you have overflow work and need someone to step in quickly to help out with a project.”
— V. Blayre Pena - Attorney Hance Scarborough, LLP Austin, Texas
“I highly recommend the entire team at Inquest Resources. Pat Muniz, Brian Falligant and Roman Flores are detail oriented, easy to work with, hard-working professionals. Their work product is super exceptional and their communication skills are superior. This extremely organized team completes their projects in an efficient and timely manner. I wholeheartedly recommend them for your next project.”
— Chris Dorbandt - Senior Attorney Chris Dorbandt & Associates, PLLC Austin, Texas
“The team at Inquest Resources has provided services to me on a number of different projects over several years – including litigation tracking and support, hearing and trial prep, document review/research/categorizing/tracking, management and transition of legacy data systems and general office support. Their work product is excellent and they have shown the ability to work within defined parameters and budgets. They have demonstrated not only the ability to work independently on assignments but have also provided thoughtful input and project leadership.”
— Donna J. Garrett D Garrett Consulting LLC Austin, Texas
“Patricia is extremely organized with an acute attention to detail. I am impressed by her initiative and overall exercise of professional judgment. Patricia is a valuable asset on any legal team.”
— Paige Amstutz - Partner Scott, Douglass & McConnico, L.L.P. Austin, Texas
“While it has been many years since I have worked closely with Patricia while she was with our firm, I very much recall her conscientiousness and dedication to doing the job right. There is no doubt in my mind that her new litigation support company will reflect this approach. ”
— Guy Hohmann - Partner Hohmann, Taube & Summers, L.L.P. Austin, Texas
“I highly recommend the entire team at Inquest Resources. Pat Muniz, Brian Falligant and Roman Flores are detail oriented, hard-working professionals. Their work product is exceptional and their communication skills are excellent. This is an extremely organized team that completes their projects in an efficient and timely manner.”
— Kim Harrigan Kim Harrigan Consulting, LLC Austin, Texas
“Over a period of several years I have worked on various projects with Pat Muniz, Brian Falligant and Roman Flores. They each bring a unique set of skills that are invaluable in the workplace. I have relied on each one of them at different times as a resource in addressing various challenges. They are true professionals and their work product is exemplary. I can recommend the entire Inquest Resources team without reservation.”
— John Walding John Walding Consulting, LLC Austin, Texas
“Pat is one of the best paralegals with whom I have worked. Her organizational skills are second to none and vital in handling the complex litigation cases she manages.”
— Gail Schilly - Senior Paralegal Scott, Douglass & McConnico, L.L.P. Austin, Texas
“I have worked with Pat and Brian for the last 4 years. They are both professional and efficient and their communication skills are excellent. They have a clear understanding of what is required to complete a project and have contributed their legal and organizational expertise to the development of records and discovery database systems for our mutual clients.”
— Carolyn Barnard - Owner ABACI, Inc Colleyville, Texas
“Roman Flores is a tremendous asset to any organization. His strategic planning skills coupled with his holistic thought process enable him to drive significant results. Additionally, he is an excellent communicator and motivates the people he works with.”
— Melissa Schultz - Director of Store Presentation Cabelas Sydney, Nebraska
“The Inquest Resource team has a strong work ethic, tackling every project with enthusiasm and professionalism. They are extremely thorough and can pick up complex subject matters very quickly. I would highly recommend them for any project.”
— Marie Salisbury - Owner MDS Business Services, Etc Austin, Texas
“Patricia is a hard worker, fast learner and a joy to be around. In my time spent working with Patricia, she was always on task, efficient & productive. She made all our jobs easier to do.”
— Mary Wolff - CFO Wolff Logics Austin, Texas