INQUEST RESOURCES can provide Virtual Paralegal Services.  Many litigation practices are perfect candidates for utilizing a virtual paralegal.  Our Virtual Paralegals are able to provide competent and efficient paralegal services remotely saving the attorney money and resources by providing their own office space, equipment and supplies.  Attorneys are able to utilize a paralegal's services only when needed and on a project by project basis.

Similar to telecommuting, our Virtual Paralegals leverage current technology to assist you with paralegal tasks from a remote location. Using email, phone and fax, VPN connections, and secure web-based document sharing software, our staff can perform and exchange work from their office rather than yours.

With this exchange of confidential information there must be trust.  INQUEST RESOURCES strives to ensure security over all confidential documents as well as any work product.  INQUEST RESOURCES does not disclose information regarding the attorney's business processes, clients or client information.  An attorney can have confidence in using our Virtual Paralegal services.  Upon taking on a new client and case, INQUEST RESOURCES will undergo a conflicts check and execute a Confidentiality Agreement.  We will work with you to identify a remote connection or document sharing solution that you trust and makes the most sense for your needs.

Hiring a Virtual Paralegal, rather than a temporary employee from a staffing agency, aids your practice.  A temporary employee works at your firm for a limited time and does not develop an established relationship, a familiarity with your working style and preferences, and a vested interest in your practice that a Virtual Paralegal will.

 For more information on our Virtual Paralegal Services, please contact us today.