INQUEST RESOURCES provides comprehensive litigation support, records management and IT services to Receivers of insolvent companies. Our team has the proven skill set, experience and understanding necessary to tackle the most challenging issues faced in receivership work. We know that successful asset recovery, legal dispute resolution and negotiations are predicated on a firm grasp of the key facts, events and individuals involved. Our skill at reverse engineering a historical knowledge base and developing comprehensive, topical white papers has become a cornerstone in navigating the difficult landscape ahead.  INQUEST RESOURCES makes considerations for forensic preservation of evidence, mitigating information loss and specific legal implications a part of daily decision making. Our team has a perfect combination of experience and skill set covering a wide range of needs making us a knowledgeable, efficient and cost effective resource from takeover to estate closure. 

INQUEST RESOURCES is a State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business ("HUB") as qualified by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and Texas Procurement and Support Services Division. 

We can assist you in the following areas: 

Takeover/Field Management

  • Secure the company’s office records, records contained at offsite facilities and ensure preservation of electronic data for future use in litigation
  • Establish contact with vendors and parties of interest to serve notice of receivership and permanent injunction, secure access and ensure continuity or termination of service where needed
  • Quickly design and implement an adaptable records system in compliance with state archive guidelines
  • Coordinate interstate transfer of records, electronic data, furniture, fixtures and IT equipment for relocation
  • Identification and inventory of FF&E


  • Respond to inquiries from regulatory authorities
  • Assist the Receiver and counsel in meeting regulatory deadlines, reporting and compliance
  • Respond to consumer complaints
  • Receivership administration such as reporting, status conferences, procedures, adherence to regulatory directives, standards of performance, site management, fixed assets and daily operations
  • Assist with response to and compliance with regulatory directives
  • Assist with monthly billing and invoicing
  • Coordinate appraisal and sale of excess
  • Project management over subcontractors to ensure deadlines are met
  • Manage day to day operations


  • Investigative research in support of legal matters and asset recovery litigation
  • Reverse engineering all historical knowledge for estate’s key events, persons, facts, individuals and business operations
  • Respond to inquiries from regulators, forensic accounting, reinsurance and estate counsel, asset recovery and federal investigation teams
  • Prepare whitepapers for understanding key events and persons of knowledge
  • Extensive experience with business records analysis and navigating public information sources such as local tax, secretary of state, county clerks and various other state agencies related to property and transactional research
  • Assisting Receiver's counsel in receivership litigation including preparing for hearings, drafting pleadings, attending uncontested docket, and communicating with courts
  • Extensive research and analysis of estate documents to provide Receiver and counsel with background information regarding historic operation of entities in receivership

Information/Records Management

  • Maintain records inventory database and code documents in compliance with state archival retention schedule
  • Manage multiple records systems for pre and post receivership records classification
  • Respond to records request from other subcontractors, asset recovery and federal investigation teams
  • Prepare status reports of company records for reporting
  • Develop working inventories of records classification based on record type, hot documents, reviewed, produced and responsive
  • Information management tracking for both pre and post receivership to quickly ascertain all potentially responsive information for discovery requests
  • Responsible for records management including tracking, maintaining detailed inventories and interfacing with the records storage facilities
  • Ensure that all information practices meet state regulations and company standards identifying the most appropriate records management resources
  • Assist the contract paralegal with research and document reviews
  • Training and supervising records staff over company records standards along with advising staff in other departments on the management of their records
  • Oversight of information systems and continuity of operation including server & network administration, data management, website, desktop support, litigation & legacy software platforms, forensic preservation of ESI and purchasing needs
  • Preparation of topical and investigative white papers through research and analysis of records and reverse engineering of historical knowledge to support litigation, issue and inquiry responses
  • Assist Receiver, counsel, and paralegal with preparation for hearings, court filings, asset recovery litigation and communications with accounting and claims subcontractors, federal investigators, regulators and guaranty associations regarding records requests